How to get ClickFunnels $19 Plan (“Shared Funnel Plan”)?

In this post, I will discuss what “Shared Funnels” are and what the “Shared Funnel Plan” offers, and then give you a walk-through how to sign-up with ClickFunnels using this $19 per month plan.

You can find my review of the other ClickFunnels pricing plans here, and a general ClickFunnels review here.

What is a ClickFunnels Share Funnel?

“Funnel Sharing”, “Share Funnel” or “Shared Funnels” (all refer to the same thing) is a great feature in ClickFunnels, that allows everyone to share funnels they have created and active in their account with others. They just give the link to that funnel to anyone they want to give the funnel to. These people can then easily import this “shared funnel” into their account by just clicking the link.

But what if you don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet? That’s where the “Share Funnel” plan comes into play …

What is the $19 per month plan (“Shared Funnel Plan”)?

The “Shared Funnel Plan” is a limited plan that ClickFunnels provides to new users, that just want to work with a small set of sales funnels, that have been “shared” with them. This plan is only available if you are signing-up to ClickFunnels using a link to a shared funnel, like this one.

Here is a break-down of the “Shared Funnel” Plan compared to the “Start-up” Plan and the “Etison Suite” Plan.

$19 Plan (Shared Funnel) $97 Plan (Start-Up) $297 Plan (Etison Suite)
Price $19 $97/month $297/month
# of Funnels 3 (only shared with you) 20 Unlimited
# of Pages Limited (only those shared with you) 100 Unlimited
# Of Visitors 5,000 (?) 20,000 per month Unlimited
# of Contacts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

You can have up to 3 active shared funnels in your account, that is funnels that you imported using a link that another ClickFunnels user gave to you.

Here is the Shared Funnel Plan in a nutshell:

  • Edit the pages in these shared funnels to your liking and change their content, e.g. texts and images.
  • Delete/archive shared funnels that you no longer use, to make room for other shared funnels.
  • You cannot create own funnels or add pages to the shared funnels.

As you can see in the comparison table, the $19 plan is rather limited but allows you to use ClickFunnels at a very low price, if you are just starting out and want to use sales funnels that have been created by other ClickFunnels users.

How to get the Shared Funnel Plan?

In order to have access to the “Shared Funnel” Plan, often also referred to as “ClickFunnels $19 Plan”, you need to create a new ClickFunnels account using a link to a “Shared Funnel”.

  1. Click this link or one of the links in the “Shared Funnel” section on this site. These links will allow you to start on a 14-day free trial using the Shared Funnel plan.
  2. On the following page, you will find a short introduction video as well as a preview of the shared funnel underneath the video.
  3. Enter your billing information – you won’t be charged for 14-days and can easily cancel at any time from within the ClickFunnels dashboard if you are not happy.
  4. Check the “Limited Shared Funnel Only” Checkbox at the bottom of the form

    ClickFunnels Shared Funnel Plan Checkbox
    Check “Limited Shared Funnels Only”
  5. Once your sign-up is complete, go to the top menu bar on “Funnels” → “Funnels”
  6. Your new “Shared Funnel” will be listed on the dashboard and ready for you to edit and use.


To wrap things up, ClickFunnels $19 plan (Shared Funnel plan) is a rather limited plan, that is suitable for users that don’t want to create their own sales funnels right out of the gate, and only want to use a small number of funnels at the beginning. This said you can always upgrade your plan when you feel the time is right.

Click here to secure your Shared Funnel Plan
Or get your 14-Day free ClickFunnels trial here

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