How to get ClickFunnels $19 Plan (“Shared Funnel Plan”)?

In this post, I will discuss what “Shared Funnels” are and what the “Shared Funnel Plan” offers, and then give you a walk-through how to sign-up with ClickFunnels using this $19 per month plan.

You can find my review of the other ClickFunnels pricing plans here, and a general ClickFunnels review here.

What is a ClickFunnels Share Funnel?

“Funnel Sharing”, “Share Funnel” or “Shared Funnels” (all refer to the same thing) is a great feature in ClickFunnels, that allows everyone to share funnels they have created and active in their account with others. They just give the link to that funnel to anyone they want to give the funnel to. These people can then easily import this “shared funnel” into their account by just clicking the link.

But what if you don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet? That’s where the “Share Funnel” plan comes into play …

What is the $19 per month plan (“Shared Funnel Plan”)?

The “Shared Funnel Plan” is a limited plan that ClickFunnels provides to new users, that just want to work with a small set of sales funnels, that have been “shared” with them. This plan is only available if you are signing-up to ClickFunnels using a link to a shared funnel, like this one.

Here is a break-down of the “Shared Funnel” Plan compared to the “Start-up” Plan and the “Etison Suite” Plan.

$19 Plan (Shared Funnel) $97 Plan (Start-Up) $297 Plan (Etison Suite)
Price $19 $97/month $297/month
# of Funnels 3 (only shared with you) 20 Unlimited
# of Pages Limited (only those shared with you) 100 Unlimited
# Of Visitors 5,000 (?) 20,000 per month Unlimited
# of Contacts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

You can have up to 3 active shared funnels in your account, that is funnels that you imported using a link that another ClickFunnels user gave to you.

Here is the Shared Funnel Plan in a nutshell:

  • Edit the pages in these shared funnels to your liking and change their content, e.g. texts and images.
  • Delete/archive shared funnels that you no longer use, to make room for other shared funnels.
  • You cannot create own funnels or add pages to the shared funnels.

As you can see in the comparison table, the $19 plan is rather limited but allows you to use ClickFunnels at a very low price, if you are just starting out and want to use sales funnels that have been created by other ClickFunnels users.

How to get the Shared Funnel Plan?

In order to have access to the “Shared Funnel” Plan, often also referred to as “ClickFunnels $19 Plan”, you need to create a new ClickFunnels account using a link to a “Shared Funnel”.

  1. Click this link or one of the links in the “Shared Funnel” section on this site. These links will allow you to start on a 14-day free trial using the Shared Funnel plan.
  2. On the following page, you will find a short introduction video as well as a preview of the shared funnel underneath the video.
  3. Enter your billing information – you won’t be charged for 14-days and can easily cancel at any time from within the ClickFunnels dashboard if you are not happy.
  4. Check the “Limited Shared Funnel Only” Checkbox at the bottom of the form

    ClickFunnels Shared Funnel Plan Checkbox
    Check “Limited Shared Funnels Only”
  5. Once your sign-up is complete, go to the top menu bar on “Funnels” → “Funnels”
  6. Your new “Shared Funnel” will be listed on the dashboard and ready for you to edit and use.


To wrap things up, ClickFunnels $19 plan (Shared Funnel plan) is a rather limited plan, that is suitable for users that don’t want to create their own sales funnels right out of the gate, and only want to use a small number of funnels at the beginning. This said you can always upgrade your plan when you feel the time is right.

Click here to secure your Shared Funnel Plan
Or get your 14-Day free ClickFunnels trial here

ClickFunnels Pricing 2019

In today’s post, my goal is to give you a good overview of the different pricing plans ClickFunnels has and how they compare to each other. In the end, you should be able to make an educated decision on which ClickFunnels pricing plan has the features you need to accomplish your goals and at the best price for you. This said I won’t discuss the different tools and products in a lot of detail here. You can find my overall review of ClickFunnels here, and I also included links to reviews of the different products below.

What is ClickFunnels?

I often get asked, “What is a Click Funnel?”.

Well, there is nothing like a “Click Funnel”. ClickFunnels is the name of a software suite and a  “Sales Funnel” is what you build with that software. Sales Funnels guide your customer or lead through your sales process, kinda-like a salesperson would do in a brick-and-mortar store. With the difference, that your sales funnel can help basically unlimited people at the same time, 24/7, and around the world – no matter where your visitors come from. And it doesn’t get sick, wants a vacation or a raise.

On the surface, ClickFunnels is drag-and-drop editor and builder for sales funnel and landing pages. But it’s easy to underestimate the power of this software because it’s so easy to use.

>> Check out my ClickFunnels review to learn more
>> Click here to start your 14-Day free ClickFunnels trial

Who is ClickFunnels for?

ClickFunnels is for everyone, who is doing or planning to do business. It’s not a tool to create personal websites, even though you could also use it for that. This said ClickFunnels is a software that is widely used by Entrepreneurs, (Small) Businesses, as well as Solopreneurs.

ClickFunnels is a right for you, if …

  • You market or sell your products and services on the internet
  • You want to capture and pre-qualify leads for your business
  • You run paid ads and want to improve your conversion rate
  • You are currently managing and paying for various marketing tools, such as funnel builder, website builder, hosting, email marketing software, split-testing software etc and want to bring them together in one suite that is easy to manage
  • You want to set up an automated system that guides your customers through the sales process and follows up with them automatically
  • You are serious about growing your business and understand that time is money and that using various independent software together increases complexity, which also costs money and time

Just five years ago, building websites, landing pages, and sales funnels was a time consuming and expensive project: you had to hire web designers and programmers, spend countless hours in meetings or on phone calls to discuss the website. In the end, you easily spend 3 months and 5 figures to create your first version of the sales funnel. And that doesn’t include later improvement based on market feedback.

Today, you can build your landing pages and sales funnels yourself: ClickFunnels comes loaded with hundreds of ready-made templates, that you can just take and easily adjust to your needs. The editor is incredibly easy to use and within 30 minutes you will be a proficient funnel builder. ClickFunnels also provides excellent training to help you understand the strategy and psychology behind sales funnels, and what to pay attention to when building them.

This said, if you still don’t want to do it yourself, there are thousands of freelancers that are using ClickFunnels on a daily basis and will build your sales funnels for you at a fraction of the cost a traditional web-developer would cost you.

Free ClickFunnels Trial

While this is technically not a pricing plan, ClickFunnels offers a 14-day free trial, that you can use to explore its powerful features and decide whether it fits your needs.

You can sign-up to the free 14-day trial here or using the link below. While you have to enter your credit card information, you won’t be charged anything and can cancel anytime from within the software. And if 14 days are not enough (we all know how life can get in the way), just send them an email to a few (working-)days before your trial ends: in my experience, they are very open about extending your trial for another 14 days. That allows you to test ClickFunnels for 28 days without any risks. If you are not sure which plan to take in the trial, I would recommend going for the $297 plan. You can easily downgrade to the $97 plan at any time during your trial.

>> Get Your 14-Day Free ClickFunnels Trial here

Once your trial comes to an end you can then choose which of the following plans is the best for you.

$97 Plan (“Start-up”) vs $297 Plan (“Etison Suite”)

So with the free trial out of the way, let’s talk about Clickfunnels normal plans, that are most widely used: the “Start-Up” plan for $97 per month and the Etison Suite for $297 per month. As the name suggests, the “Start-Up” plan is meant to be the entry-level plan, if you are just looking for the features to build great sales funnels. The “Etison Suite” is the unlimited, full suite without that comes with all the extra Actionetics and Backpack automation and feature. See the pricing table below, which ClickFunnels pricing plan is right for you?

$97 Plan (Start-Up) $297 Plan (Etison Suite)
Price $97/month $297/month
# of Funnels 20 Unlimited
# of Pages 100 Unlimited
# Of Visitors 20,000 per month Unlimited
# of Contacts Unlimited Unlimited
A/B Split Testing Yes Yes
Own Custom Domains 3 Unlimited
Email Integration Yes (3rd Party/SMTP) Yes (Actionetics/3rd Party/SMTP)
SMTP Integrations 1 3
Billing Integrations 1 per Type 3 per Type
Actionetics No Yes
BackPack No Yes
Learn More Learn More
Get It Now! Get It Now!

The table gives you an overview of the main differences between the two plans. The $97 plan has a limited number of funnels and pages, that you can have active at the same time. Also, it doesn’t come with Actionetics and Backpack.

Actionetics is an advanced marketing automation platform, that allows you to follow up with your contacts automatically by email, SMS or even physical mail. While this platform is really powerful and could be easily sold as a separate software, most users won’t need it right away. If you already have a 3rd party email-autoresponder such as ActiveCampaign or ConvertKit, then you can pass on ActiveCampaign in the beginning. You can always upgrade later.

Backpack is a platform to manage your affiliates. If you are planning to use affiliates to promote your product or service and drive sales for you, then Backpack is a great extension for you. It allows you to easily manage your affiliates and commissions from within ClickFunnels. If you are not planning to use affiliate marketing yet, then you can also start with the $97 plan.

In my opinion, the $297 plan is suitable for businesses, that are already generating profits and are ready to open the floodgates and scale up their income to the next level.

If you are a small business and still growing, or an entrepreneur starting out, I would recommend going with the $97 plan. This plan comes with everything you need to build high-converting sales funnels. And once you reach 20 funnels or want to tap into the powerful automation capabilities of Actionetics, you are most likely very profitable already anyways, so that the “Etison Suite” plan shouldn’t be a big deal.

But what if you are just starting out and are on a budget? Don’t worry, I have you covered. Below, I will introduce more options to you. Just keep reading!

ClickFunnels Discount Plans

Now, ClickFunnels offers advanced payment plans for the Etison suite, if you are willing to pay up-front. These plans either provide discounts compared to the monthly plans or come with a lot of helpful bonuses. This said, you don’t have to get them right away: you can just start on any monthly plan, and once you are ready to grow and scale your business, you can use one of the following plans to save money and get great training courses. Below you find a price comparison table that breaks down all the differences for you.

Funnel Hacks 6 month Funnel Builder Secrets 6 month Funnel Builder Secrets 12 month
$997 ($163/month) $1997 ($333/month) 2997 ($250/month)
Etison Suite Included 6 months 6 months 12 months
Unlimited Account
Funnel Hacks Masterclass
Instant Traffic Hacks
Inception Secrets
Email Sequences
Funnel Builder Secrets Course
1-hour One-on-One Coaching
Traffic Secrets
Funnel Scripts$497 / Year
Learn More Learn More Learn More
Get It Now Get It Now Get It Now

Funnel Hacks

The “Funnel Hacks” Plan for $997 is an awesome deal if you are looking to get the Etison Suite. You basically get the benefits of the $297 plan at a 45% discount, so almost half-price. The leap from the $97 per month price is much smaller and really worth it for what you get.

Funnel Hacks comes with the following bonuses

  • 6 months Etison Suite: If you would just get this without the training courses, this would reduce your subscription fee to $163 per month. Just this alone is an incredible deal!
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass: This course teaches you how to build sales funnels, opt-in funnels, product launch funnels, webinar funnels, and membership funnel.
  • Instant Traffic Hacks: This training covers how to drive traffic from various sources into your funnels. This includes highly effective channels such as social media, affiliate marketing, SEO and much more.
  • Inception Secrets: Struggling with writing sales copy? This training tells you how to write sales copy that converts. Hiring professional copywriters can get very expensive very quickly. This course probably won’t make you a top-notch copywriter overnight, but you will surely learn the most important aspects of it.
  • Email Sequence:

Even without the bonuses, this is hands-down the best deal if you are just looking to get the Etison Suite ($297 Plan) for the best price.

Quick update as of Nov. 2018: this offer is not officially available anymore, so I don’t know how long my link will still work. If you have been on the fence, I wouldn’t push the decision out too long.

>> Get Funnel Hacks here
>> Read my Funnel Hacks Review here

Funnel Builder Secrets

Now, let’s have a look at the “Funnel Builder Secrets” plans. Like the “Funnel Hacks” plan, these are long-term plans. The special thing about them is that they also include a very advanced and in-depth training – basically the holy grail of funnel training. This 100+ hours training will teach you traffic and funnel strategies, copywriting, funnel building and much more. It’s basically a huge discount package if you are looking to get to the next level and make real money from your funnels. Furthermore, you get a year of Funnel Scripts, which will make writing copy a breeze. And on the 12-month plan, you get all that training and still save 16% compared to the $297 monthly plan.

This said I would say that these offers are not for everyone. If you are looking to immerse yourself in funnel building and internet marketing, then go for the 12 months plan. This is a great deal and you will get a great training from the best teacher out there, Russell Brunson himself. But if you are not looking to take a deep-dive into funnel building and marketing or just don’t have the budget, I would recommend going with the “Funnel Hacks” package instead.

Here’s what you get with the Funnel Builder Secrets package:

  • Unlimited ClickFunnels Etison Suite Account (for 6 or 12 months)
  • One-on-One Coaching Call with ClickFunnels ClickStart Coach, who will help you get your sales funnel running. (There is also a plan that includes 8 coaching calls, if you want to have an expert help you fine-tune your funnels. It’s $5997 and you can find it here)
  • The six-week Funnel Hacks Masterclass, which is the same as in the Funnel Hacks Package
  • The Funnel Builder Secrets course: This is the core part of the offer – a comprehensive course that teaches you everything about building profitable funnels, writing converting copy, driving targeted traffic and more. No matter whether you are a beginner or advanced user, this course will offer some great knowledge.
  • Lifetime access to Traffic Secrets: This is an in-depth training course that teaches you everything about driving and converting traffic, traffic channels, creating content, and much more. Originally created by John Reese, Russell Brunson had bought the rights the course in order to include it into this package for free.
  • 12 months’ Access To Funnel Scripts: Funnel Scripts is a software that automates copywriting for you. You just tell it different aspects of your product, market, and audience, and the software will generate high-quality copy for you.

These are the powerhouse packages ClickFunnels offers. And I would say that they are one of the reasons why ClickFunnels is so successful: it’s not only about the software suite, but also the training that makes so many people so incredibly successful using ClickFunnels.
Knowledge + Tool + Action = Success!

>> Watch the free Funnel Builder Secrets webinar here
>> Get Funnel Builder Secrets here
>> Read my Full Funnel Builder Secrets Review here

The Discount Plans

In this final section of the ClickFunnels pricing guide, we are going to look at the cheaper ClickFunnels pricing plans. As I stated in the beginning, ClickFunnels is a software for businesses and entrepreneurs, and that’s how the market and position themselves. While I would recommend anyone who can afford it to go for the $97 or $297 per month plan, the Shared Funnel plan can be a good option to get started without hitting your wallet too hard. With read to the Personal and Bootstrap plan, please read my findings below.

$19 Plan (Shared Funnel) $37 Plan (Personal) $67 Plan (Bootstrap)
Price $19 $37/month $67/month
# of Funnels 3 (only shared with you) 5 10
# of Pages Limited (only those shared with you) 20 50
# Of Visitors 5,000 (?) 5,000 10,000
# of Contacts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Learn More Read Below Read Below
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The Shared-Funnel $19 Plan

The Share Funnel plan is a limited plan that is only available if you are sign-up to ClickFunnels through a funnel that has been shared with you  (Read the “How-To Guide” here).

This plan can be useful if you are on a very low budget and have a few specific funnels that you want to use for your business. It can be a good entry point to test the waters with ClickFunnels, but not a good choice if you are serious about growing your business.

>> How to get the $19 Plan (“Shared Funnel Plan”)?
>> Check out the Shared Funnel Section on this page

$37 Plan (“Personal Plan”) and $67 Plan (“Bootstrap Plan”)

When I was doing my research for this ClickFunnels pricing guide, I came across several pages that claimed that there were “secret” pricing plans for $37 and $67 per months. According to those websites, these plans are not directly available when signing-up with ClickFunnels, but only after you signed up. They were stripped-down versions of the $97 plan in terms of the number of funnels, pages, and visitors, but besides that, they have the same functionality and features as the $97 per month plan. To access them, you just had to sign-up and then cancel your account and you would get your “special price offer”.

The $37 plan should allow for up to 5 funnels with up to 20 pages total and 5000 visitors per month. The $67 per month plan on the other hand supposedly allowed you to create up to 10 funnels with 50 page total and 10,000 monthly visitors.

As a long-term ClickFunnels user, I didn’t want to accidentally cancel or downgrade my account. So I went forward and signed-up for a new account to check whether there really are these special price plans. After signing up, I moved on to cancel the account again, in order to get access to these special plans. But the only option I was offered was the $9 plan to pause my subscription (see below). So while I would have loved to tell you that these plans exist, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe they were offered in the past, but not anymore.

I decided to include this section anyways because I figure that there are many people looking for these plans and then get disappointed after signing up. After reading this, you know better.

The $9 Plan (“Paused account”)

While this is not a real plan, I want to mention it for completeness of the ClickFunnels pricing review,  and that you are aware of this option.

ClickFunnels offer the option to pause or park your account, which means you cannot use your funnels, but all funnels and pages stay available in your account, and won’t be deleted. So ClickFunnels keeps all your data saved until you return. And once you come back from your break from ClickFunnels, you can re-activate your account and start where you left off. This is a very convenient feature. The price for this plan is $9.

>> How to Pause Your ClickFunnels account ($9 per month plan)

Select the plan that fits your needs

After this detailed discussion of ClickFunnels pricing structure, which plan is the right one for you comes down to your goals, requirements, and budget. ClickFunnels is a software to help entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small and big businesses market, sell, and deliver their products and services online!

So, in my opinion, you have to become clear about the following:

  1. What is your goal? What do you want to use ClickFunnels for? Sell products or services? Generate leads? How many products or leads? Do you want to automate as much as possible or be more hands-on (this comes mostly down to time)? Do you plan to scale quickly or grow slowly?
  2. What are your requirements? This goes hand in hand with your goals… How many visitors are you going to bring into your funnel? If you already have a customer base this may be much more than when starting out. Do you want to address your customers from different angles, i.e. use different funnels? How much time can you spend to do things manually or across different software?
  3. What is your budget? Here you have to be honest with yourself because we all want to save money. I get that. But quality has its price. And strictly financially speaking, a ClickFunnels subscription – like any other software – its just cost of doing business. But it comes with a great community and marketing training. If you are really bootstrapping, then go for the lower price options. But if the subscription is well in your budget you should go for one of the main plans depending on your needs – the $97 “Start-Up Plan” or the $292 “Etison Suite Plan”. My recommendation is always to go for the “Funnel Hacks” package – that is just the most bang for the buck.


There you have it – the entire ClickFunnels pricing plan laid out in front of you. This should help you make an educated decision to take the right plan. Now it’s onto you to decide which one is the best for you.

If you are still not sure if ClickFunnels is right for you, head over to my ClickFunnels review to get all the missing pieces.

And if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will do by best to help you out!

How to Generate Real Estate Leads Using Funnels

How to Generate Qualified Real Estate Leads?

Looking for an effective way how to generate real estate leads on autopilot, and also pre-qualify them at the same time?

Then you are in the right place!

On this page, I will be giving you free access to my highest converting funnel template for real estate agents and agencies. Multiple realtors use this funnel to generate hundreds of real estate leads every month, and turn leads into customers every week.

The temple and concept I introduce to you in this post are going to help you capture and convert buyer or seller leads for your real estate business.

And – more importantly – they make the process more effective and hands-off…

So you can focus more on the money generating core tasks of your business … turning those pre-qualified, warm leads in your pipeline into happy house buyers or sellers.

And I’m giving you these funnel templates completely for free.

All you need to do is customize the templates for your own business, switch out some text and images, and you are good to go.

Let’s get started…

The video below will give you an overview of the funnel templates.

But before we dive into the funnel itself, here are the main things you need to know about funnels …

Why You Need Sales Funnels In Your Business

A funnel is similar to a website, but specifically designed for converting leads to customers in an optimized multi-step sales process.

You see, when a lead or prospective customer lands on your website, he or she usually has a variety of options: menus, buttons, posts, pages, and so on. And as Dan Kennedy put correctly, “A distracted mind doesn’t buy”.

So, leads that land on your website may be looking for either general or very specific information. As a result, they may look around, browse, and maybe find what they are looking for. Some may even take the desired action you want them to take: opt-in to your email list or call you.

But unless they want to get into contact with you they will eventually leave. And even if they liked your listings, they oftentimes will forget that they saw that listing on your site, because they are browsing dozens of sites in search for their new home.

So once they are gone, they are gone. And if there is no defined process on your page for them to follow, and you have no way to follow-up you just lost a potential customer.

Just to be clear: websites are great for establishing your brand and creating trust and credibility. But they are not good for bringing in leads and converting them into customers for your business.

There are simply too many distractions and competing information for the visitor to actually take action and engage with you. Instead, they take off and keep browsing for the next offer.

So what can sales funnels do for you?

A Funnel Is Your 24/7 Sales Agent

Sales funnels can be viewed as 3-dimensional websites created to guide your leads through a defined process, that you set-up before. Its kind-a-like your personal sales assistant, who welcomes every visitor personally, and him or her through the process (e.g. sign-up to your list), pre-qualify them and make them familiar with your brand. You can then follow-up with these warm and pre-qualified leads and turn them into your customers.

This said, a funnel provides your potential customer with only two options – either take your desired action and proceed to the next step in the funnel or leave the page (in which case they weren’t very interested in the first place). But when they proceed and leave their contact details, you can follow up, even if they keep looking for listings on your competitor websites.

But even if they don’t enter their contact details, you can retarget them using paid advertising. You can retarget them on Facebook, Google, or Bing, which is much cheaper than running ads to cold traffic!

And you can retarget them based on what actions they already took. You can even send them back to the same funnel step where they left off last time, so they can proceed to the next step of the funnel.

Probably 90% of potential customers leave without taking action the first time they visit your website. Research has shown that potential customers typically need 7 to 12 contacts with a brand or offer before they make a buying decision and convert into a customer.

When you understand this it becomes very clear that you need a process in order to retarget and capture your customers at a later point.

Funnels Serve Your Customers

Every Funnel starts with a landing page and has a clear objective.

For Realtors this usually means capturing contact information, pre-qualify leads, and then follow-up with them.

For the lead, the funnel has a different objective: they want to either remove a pain or gain a benefit. And in your funnel, you are helping them to do that by providing valuable information in exchange for contact information.

The funnel then guides each lead through a process that you specifically designed to bring them to their goal.

During this process, interested leads will give you their contact information in return for the value you provide. Thereby they also meet your objective.

Now, after you satisfied their wants or removed their pain, you have a way to follow-up with them via email or phone. Then you can give them what they need and turn them into happy customers.

But Funnels Can Still Do More …

Funnels don’t just allow you to capture leads in a fully automated fashion. They also allow you to segment traffic coming into your funnel into cold, warm and potentially hot leads. The traffic temperature describes how close they are to making a buying decision, taking action, and becoming a customer.

This can be done by asking questions or offering additional value, as you will see below. You then can follow-up and address every lead according to the state in their decision-making process.

A funnel is your automated sales-assistant that brings in new leads 24/7, 365 days a year, automatically!

So by now you hopefully understand that every business needs funnels. And I’m convinced that in 5 years, every successful business is using funnels.

Businesses that don’t use funnels to acquire customers will be like a business without a website 5 years ago: virtually non-existent, and most likely out of business.

The ClickFunnels Realtor Funnel

Now I’m going to introduce you to the realtor marketing funnel.

This funnel has two goals: firstly, collect the name email and phone number of people interested in buying property in the advertised area. Secondly, to qualify these leads according to the state in their decision-making process.

Just a quick note: you can preview or copy the entire funnel automatically with one click with the button below this text.

I’ll leave the video review walkthrough of the funnel below. There I explain the details of how the funnel works and what is included.

Here’s an overview of the basic structure…

Step 1 – Landing Page & Pre-Frame

Realtor Funnel - Step 1
Realtor Funnel – Step 1

People click on your ad on Facebook, in an email or wherever you are advertising. The first thing they see is the landing page.

The landing page has to be in line with the advertisement that brought them here and should mirror the offer and message of your ad. This will immediately confirm your potential customer, that she is in the right place.

This page is rather simple and to the point. The only action visitors can take is to click the submit button at the bottom.

To encourage your potential customer to enter his or her contact information, you offer some kind of free but valuable information. This can be any kind of report, course, cheat sheet, list or another offer that is of interest and of value for your target audience.

In the case of this funnel template, we offer it’s a free report with exclusive listings of the best homes in the area of interest.

But Popular other offers examples would be:

  • Report on 11 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Property in the Next 48 Hours
  • Free Evaluation of the Property
  • List of Houses that are on Sale right now

The offer has to be closely aligned with the interest and intent of the customer, as well as your final objective (e.g. selling a home to the customer).

Visitors who are generally interested in buying any kind of property or real estate will likely be interested in the free offer and will click the button in order to proceed to the next step.

Step 2 – Email Optin

Realtor Funnel - Step 2a
Realtor Funnel – Step 2a

On the next page of the funnel, you ask the visitor to enter their name and email address in exchange for the free offer. This is why the free offer is also called a “lead magnet”. Of course, the offer that you provide to your potential customers can be different.

Realtor Funnel - Step 2b
Realtor Funnel – Step 2b

After they have entered their contact information, you offer them another valuable freebie. You can use this additional freebie to further pre-qualify your leads into cold or warm traffic, or filter out buyer or seller traffic, investors or home-buyers, etc. This offer is also completely up to you and you can remove it from the funnel if you don’t want to use it.

If you use it, I suggest using an offer, that reasonably requires a phone call. If your lead takes you up on the offer, she just enters her phone number below and then submits the form.

Step 3 – Confirmation Page

Realtor Funnel - Step 3
Realtor Funnel – Step 3

On the next page, you inform your potential customer, that the report is on the way to her inbox.

Now is a good time to further qualify your lead: on this page, you ask her whether she already has a certain house or property in mind, that she would like to visit.

If so, she can click the button and proceed to the next step.

On the very bottom, the customer can share the report on social media. Here you can either direct traffic to the landing page from step 1 (recommended) or directly to the report.

Step 4 – Booking the House Tour

Realtor Funnel - Step 4
Realtor Funnel – Step 4

Your potential customer has decided to take a free house tour. She now enters her contact details again as well as the address of the property at the bottom of the form.

Leads who enter this information and complete this step can be considered quite warm or even hot.  Therefore, you can approach and follow up with them differently then leads that only completed step 3 of the funnel. You can now follow up with these real estate leads by phone or by email and schedule an appointment for a home visit.

Step 5 – Thank You Page

Realtor Funnel - Step 5
Realtor Funnel – Step 5

After submitting the second form your lead is redirected to the final thank you page where you inform her that you will get in touch shortly.

The free email reports are sent automatically, and you can download all the customer information in the backend for further follow-up.

That’s it! Super simple, but super effective if you have a good offer.

NOTE: It is mandatory to follow up with leads using this funnel. The faster the better! People just submitted their info and may even have expressed interest in the house tour. Make sure your sales team is ready and prepared to follow up on the phone. Don’t drop the ball, but get people scheduled for a tour and then close the sale in person.

This works like a charm.

The Concept Behind The Realtor Funnel

As you can see the funnel consist of five steps, including two capture forms for contact details and phone number. It’s sole purpose to generate real estate leads for your business by guiding your potential customers through a defined process.

The entire funnel is built in ClickFunnels and you can easily import it into your own ClickFunnels account using the button below. If you don’t have a ClickFunnels account yet, you can use the very same link to sign up with ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a powerful and easy-to-use software that enables you to build effective and good beautiful sales funnels without hiring a programmer. If you use this link and sign-up for a new ClickFunnels account, I will get a commission. But it doesn’t make any difference for you, except that you can reach out to me if you have any questions on how to use ClickFunnels or the real estate funnel.

You can upload the free PDF reports that you provide as a lead magnet in the backend of your website or on ClickFunnels and then automatically send it by email to your new lead. If you don’t have an email autoresponder yet, then you can also use the one integrated with ClickFunnels. If you are looking for a high-quality auto-responder, then I can recommend ActiveCampaign (see my review here)

You can easily download all contact information as CSV file in the backend of ClickFunnels and then easily follow-up with your leads by phone or email.

If you are new to ClickFunnels I would suggest signing-up using the link below. Then you can reach out to me if you need any help with setting up your account. Also, I will provide a quick start course, that guides you through the process of adjusting the funnel I showed you to your needs.

How to Drive Traffic To Your Realtor Funnel

There are a couple of ways how you can drive traffic into your real estate funnel to capture leads. A common way is using Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. In your ad, you then promote the free giveaway, so that the potential customers have a clear understanding of what they will receive.

But you can also connect your blog or offline marketing efforts with your online marketing. For example, if you lay out flyers in your local area, you can include a QR code. That QR code will bring potential customers into your funnel by scanning the QR code with the smartphones. Or you use a simple and memorable domain that your customers can easily enter.

This funnel will then automatically guide all leads that land on the landing page through the 5-step process described above. You just have to follow up with them later via email or phone.

One great thing about funnels is, that they can help you segment your leads by their level of interest. Thereby have a way to differentiate your potential customers but temperature and follow up with them accordingly. For instance, leads that download the initial report can be considered slightly warm. After all, they showed some interest in your offer by entering their contact information.

But once they sign up for the second offer or even the home tour you can tell that they are already further down in the decision-making process about buying or selling a home.

So, in a nutshell: you create ads to drive traffic into your funnel, let your funnel capture and segment the leads by temperature, and then follow-up with them based on their current state. This will significantly reduce you cost for acquiring customers compared to sending them to your landing page.

Where to Go From Here

As I mentioned before, you can use the funnel completely free. Just import it into your ClickFunnels account, adapt it and you are good to go.

If you don’t have an account yet, you can start a 14-day free ClickFunnels trial. This should give you enough time to test the funnel. After the free trial, ClickFunnels is $97/month.

Other real estate agencies have great success with it and easily offset the price with the automation and the higher quality of leads that they get from this funnel. Just the lower ad spent alone will easily justify the subscription.

To wrap things up: if you are looking for an effective solution to generate real estate leads for your business and thus get a higher return on your ad spend then I suggest that you try this realtor funnel. Just import it, adapted to your needs and drive traffic to it for the next week. Then measure the results, split test and improve. As you may now testing is the essence of online marketing. If you implement it and stick with it, I’m sure the funnel will bring great results for your business.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Also, if you prefer a complete hands-off solution and sign up with the button below, I can implement the funnel for you.